Guide to going into or leaving hospital

3. Leaving hospital

Once your stay in hospital is over you will normally be discharged to go home.

  • If you cannot go home alone a hospital social worker can give you help and advice.
  • If you were receiving care and support services before being admitted, the nurse looking after you will arrange for these to be restarted once you return home.
  • If your care and support needs changed during your admission you will be referred back to Adult Social Care who will undertake a review of your needs.
  • If you were not receiving care and support services but may need more help than before your nurse will contact a hospital social worker to arrange an assessment of your needs.

There is a wide range of services that can be put into place if they meet your needs. Common services for those being discharged from hospital are reablement, rehabilitation and the district nurse service. If you have reablement goals these will be identified during your admission.

Reablement – regaining your daily living skills

Reablement is the word we use to describe the service that helps you to regain mobility and daily living skills after a hospital stay. If an assessment has found you have eligible needs, we will always consider reablement as a way to help you to live independently in your own home.


If you are in hospital but no longer need medical care, the staff there will refer you to us if you are unable to return home alone.

You will be admitted to one of our intermediate care units where occupational therapists and physiotherapists will assess your needs. They will work out a programme of activities to help you. Many people can return home after two weeks of care, often with some further home care support.

District nurse

District nurses provide healthcare to people in the community or at home. This could include administering medication, wound care, continence support, leg ulcer care and catheter management. You or your carer are still responsible for collecting any medication from your local pharmacy.

How much will it cost?

Our page on social care costs may give you an idea as to how much you might be asked to pay. However, each individual’s needs and circumstances are unique and costs will vary accordingly.

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