A break from caring

Taking a break (respite care)

If you need a break from your caring responsibilities and the person you look after can't be left alone, there are different kinds of respite care available.

We may be able to help arrange care:

  • in the home of the person you care for
  • in a residential or nursing home
  • through activities in the community

You may need to take time off from your caring role to go on holiday, take some regular time out, or attend a healthcare appointment or training course.

We can also help you to plan for an emergency.

Arranging respite

We normally consider respite care as part of the service for the person who is receiving the care. We base this on the assessment of the needs of both the carer and the person they are caring for.  

If you would like to discuss respite care for the person you look after,  contact us to arrange an assessment or review of both of your needs. 

If the person you care for pays for their own care and support, our Supply Management Team  can advise you about arranging respite care.

Email: Supply Management Team

If you are able to arrange your own respite care you may find the following links useful:

Emergency respite

Register an emergency plan with the Carer’s Respite Emergency Support Scheme (CRESS) to ensure that short-term support can be put in place in an emergency. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can set up your emergency plan as part of your carer’s assessment or review. You can also create your plan online:

You can contact Care for the Carers to help you with this on:

Phone: 01323 738 390
Email: info@cftc.org.uk

How it works

Your emergency plan will include contact details of up to three people who could support the person you care for.

You will be given an East Sussex Carers Card to carry with you. In an emergency, you or someone else can call the number on the card. Adult Social Care will then contact the people in your plan.

If none of the people listed in your plan are available then we'll contact you, or a person on your behalf, to find out what support the person you care for needs.

Healthcare appointments and training

If you need to see your GP, dentist or attend a healthcare appointment, but you can’t leave the person you care for, funding is available for replacement care. This funding is also available to enable you to attend training courses relevant to your caring role.

If the person you look after has home care or home-based respite arranged by Adult Social Care, you can ask your provider to arrange this for you.

  • Contact your care provider in good time so that respite care can be put in place.
  • Contact us with the details of what you have agreed with your care provider.

If the person isn’t receiving home care or home-based respite arranged by Adult Social Care, you can still get support to attend healthcare appointments or training. Contact Care for the Carers:

Care for the Carers

Phone: 01323 738 390
Email: info@cftc.org.uk

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