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Household Support Fund - extra help for those most in need

Does your household need extra support? If you’ll find it difficult to keep warm, get enough food or pay essential bills you may be able to get extra help.

The UK Government, through the Department for Work and Pensions, has allocated money to the Household Support Fund.

Who is eligible?

The funding is available to support households in the most need with food, energy and water bills. It is aimed at those who won’t benefit from other government schemes such as cost of living payments.

We have allocated Household Support Fund to the East Sussex district and borough councils. To apply for the support, applicants must:

  • live within the local District or Borough
  • be over the age of 18
  • have recourse to public funds
  • be finding it difficult to pay for heating, lighting, water or food.

Contact your district or borough council to apply

To find out more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply, contact your local district or borough council:

There is a limited amount of funding available, and this will be distributed on a first come first served basis. It is available in two rounds, but the funds may close before the deadline if there are a lot of applications and the money is used up:

  • Round one: until the end of September 2023
  • Round two: 1 October to 31 March 2024

How we manage the fund

We coordinate the Household Support Fund and you can apply directly through the five district and borough councils. The Fund is also administered through Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, Food Banks and Food Partnerships, Childrens Services and the Free School Meals service.

You can contact your children’s services representative to ask how to access support, and you can find out more about local food banks and the school holiday food voucher scheme on our cost of living pages.

Other types of help on offer

  • Cost of living support – GOV.UK
    Find out what support is available to help with the cost of living. This includes income and disability benefits, bills and allowances, childcare, housing and travel.
  • Support with the cost of living
    Local support in East Sussex if you're worried about the cost of living. Get help with employment, your home, mental health and travel.

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