Gatwick Northern Runway Proposal

The Northern Runway Project involves bringing the existing northern runway into routine use alongside continued use of the main runway. It is currently restricted for use as a standby or emergency runway when the main runway can’t be used.

There was a pre-application public consultation on the proposed northern runway project. We responded [253.1 KB] [pdf] to the evidence presented by Gatwick Airport Limited in their:

The Northern Runway Project proposals are a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. The airport must apply to the:

The proposals are at the pre-application stage of the DCO process. Gatwick Airport Limited have indicated that they are unlikely to submit their application until the end of 2022 or early in 2023

After the application for a DCO has been submitted there will be further rounds of public consultation.

If you need access to any of the technical reports from the appendices please email: Transport Planning