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Hailsham, Polegate and Eastbourne Transport Corridor

Proposals to minimise predicted traffic congestion in the Eastbourne and South Wealden areas have been made. Congestion is likely as a result of future:

  • increases in housing
  • commercial development

There was public consultation in autumn 2017. The outcomes were reported to the Lead Member for Transport and Environment on 18 June 2018 - Democracy East Sussex. The report set out the recommended package of proposals. These were taken forward to detailed design and construction.  

Why is it necessary?

There is increasing demand for new housing and commercial development in:

  • South Wealden
  • Eastbourne

This is creating potential increased levels of traffic. This development is necessary to satisfy the demand for:

  • suitable housing
  • the continued growth of the local economy

It is important to understand how it may affect the existing transport network. Locations which may become more congested have been identified. An examination of measures to minimise this likely increase has been done. These measures include:

  • junction improvements
  • construction of bus lanes and cycle routes
  • improvements to bus stops and foot ways

The primary objective of these improvements is to

  • Provide alternative transport choices without disadvantage to other road users.

By making sustainable transport more attractive, we hope to minimise the expected increase in congestion.

Phase 1 Improvements

The Lead Member meeting in June 2018 resolved that the following elements of the Polegate and Willingdon section of the Movement and Access Corridor be taken forward:

  • Wannock Road and Polegate High Street junction capacity improvements
  • Eastbourne Road (A2270)
  • Bus lanes on the A2270. Southbound from just north of Thurrock Close to Huggett’s Lane. Northbound from Thurrock Close to Broad Road and northbound from Coopers Hill to Huggett’s Lane
  • Consider the off-road footway and cycleway on the eastern side of the road between Broad Road and Huggett’s Lane
  • Upgrade traffic signals at Huggett’s Lane. This would accommodate a bus gate, a toucan crossing and provision of cycle advanced stop lines
  • Introduction of a new 30mph speed limit along Eastbourne Road. Between Cooper’s Hill and A27 junction in Polegate
  • Victoria Drive – northbound bus lane from Newick Road to the Victoria Drive and Willingdon Road junction. Retention of the 30mph speed limit. Introduction of parking restrictions in Victoria Drive on south side. Between Farlaine Road and the Willingdon Road junction (Option 2)
  • Bus stop improvements along the length of the Phase 1 corridor

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