Sharing your information

Access to the personal information we hold about you is restricted to a need to know basis. We treat your personal information lawfully, fairly and transparently, and ensure that it is:

  • processed for limited purposes
  • kept up-to-date, accurate, relevant and that the information we collect is not excessive (more than we need)
  • not kept longer than is necessary
  • kept secure.

Where we need to share information about you, we do so in line with the law and in such a way as to safeguard your data. Where information is shared between the partners of Orbis Public Law then work may be completed in another location rather than the instructing authority.

We may also be required to share your information with our regulators who are permitted access to this information by law, or with other organisations where we have a legal obligation to share the information with them. This may include our insurers or external auditors.

Use of third party organisations

Where we need to share your data with trusted external organisations to process you data on our behalf for example where we use external software or systems to deliver our service, then the other party will be contractually required to adhere to the security requirements imposed by data protection legislation. They will only be able to use your information to the extent that they need to do so to complete work on our behalf.