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Dispensations and suspensions

There are occasions when we may need to provide a dispensation or suspension. All applications are considered on an individual basis and charges apply. For more information or to apply contact us.


These can be issued for vehicles or activities which are not covered by national exemptions.


Residents and businesses may apply for parking bays to be suspended.

The charge applied is dependent on the reason for the suspension. All charges are per 5.5 metre bay.

  • Residential (such as moving house and building works)
    • £15 set up per bay
    • £2 per day per bay
  • Commercial (such as film companies and events)
    • £15 set up per bay
    • £15 per day per bay
  • Highways maintenance (such as utility companies)
    • £15 set up per bay
    • £2 per week per bay
  • Skips
    • £7.50 per skip per suspension for up to 14 days

Unauthorised vehicles parked in a suspended area will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

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