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Transparency and annual reports

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) was introduced in Hastings Borough in 1999, across the whole of Lewes District on 20 September 2004, throughout the Borough of Eastbourne on 13 October 2008 and introduced in Rother District on 29 September 2020. This transferred responsibility for parking enforcement from the police to the County Council. Below you will find our annual parking reports and notes from parking board meetings held in the last two years.

Annual Parking Report

Annual Parking Report 2021/22

Annual Parking Report 2020/21

Annual Parking Report 2019/20 [743.3 KB] [pdf]

Annual Parking Report 2018/19 [6.1 MB] [pdf]

Annual Parking Report 2017/18 [2.5 MB] [pdf]

Annual Parking Report 2016/17 [3.3 MB] [pdf]

Annual Parking Report 2015/16 [753.8 KB] [pdf]

Annual Parking Report 2014/15 [434.7 KB] [pdf]

Local Authorities Code 2015

Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, at the end of April each year we have a statutory requirement to publish information about the number of on and off street parking spaces we control, and the financial information.

We have on street controls in the districts of Lewes and Rother and the boroughs of Eastbourne and Hastings. In Lewes we also manage County Hall car park.

The bays are not individually marked out on street so the number of spaces is estimated.

On Street Number of spaces
Eastbourne 2,603
Lewes 2,262
Hastings 3,133
Off Street Number of spaces
County Hall (Lewes) 394

Financial Information

On street charge £3,626,146
Off street charge £48,173
Permits £959,367
Penalty Charge Notices £1,364,460
Payments from Lewes District Council £283,874
Other income £7,159
Total £6,289,179
Enforcement contract £2,196,931
ESCC staff (excludes reviews staff) £655,471
Operational expenditure (non enforcement) £1,262,645
Total £4,115,047
surplus/(deficit) £2,174,132
Payments and investments supported by CPE surplus
Supported bus network and concessionary fares £1,630,000
Total £1,630,000
Current year
Net surplus /(deficit) £544,132

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