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Home library service

If you can’t get to the library due to ill-health, disability or caring responsibilities the library can come to you.

We can arrange for you to have your library books delivered to your home on a regular basis, at a time convenient for you.

We offer books in standard and large print and also have a wide range of audio books on CD.

This service is free.

After you have completed the enquiry form we will contact you by phone or email to assess your eligibility.

We deliver the service through our team of Home Library Service volunteers. We will match you with someone and make them aware of what you like to read, making them your link to the library.

Interested in becoming a Home Library Service volunteer?

As a home library service volunteer you can give back to your local community. You'll choose and deliver books to people who have difficulty leaving home. This could be due to mobility problems or caring responsibilities.

Find out more about the Home service volunteering role.