Rights of way deposit: Longwood Farm


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ReferenceLongwood Farm
  • Nicholas Charles Hedges
  • Christine Gwynfil Hedges
  • Karen Christina Blackiston (ESX375981)
AddressLongwood Farm, Ewhurst Lane, Ewhurst, Rye, East Sussex TN32 5TT
DescriptionThe land at Longwood Farm is divided into 4 separate blocks by various public highways. The majority of the land is registered under the title number (ESX340499). The northern most block borders the River Rother comprising 9 separate fields. A further block is situated north of Ewhurst Lane and directly above the village. The largest block of land lies immediately south of Ewhurst Lane and also borders Lordine Lane to the west and Ewhurst Lane again on the eastern boundary. This block also adjoins Sempstead Wood registered under (ESX370206). The last block of land lies to the east of Ewhurst Lane and to the west of the village of Northiam. Longwood House is included within this block but is registered under a separate title number being (ESX375981) Declaration lodged 17th September 2019 - expiry date now 17th September 2039.
Ordnance Survey grid reference(s)TQ801246, TQ803242, TQ809242
Date depositedMonday 2 September 2019
ExpiresFriday 2 September 2039

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