Temporary path closure

Temporary path closure

Temporary closures

For safety reasons we sometimes have to close paths during repairs, improvements or construction work. Longer term closures (21 days or more) can be viewed on our online map. All our current closures are listed below.

If you are planning work which affects a public right of way, you can also, 

Please also see our list of, 

Current closures

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Short-Term temporary Closures

The following is a list of Public Rights of Way that have been temporarily closed on a short term basis, either for a period of 5 days (followed by a possible second 5-day period immediately after) or a period of 21 days (followed by a possible second 21-day period immediately after).

5-day closures

  • None at present.

21-day closures

Longer-Term temporary Closures

The following is a list of Public Rights of Way that have been temporarily closed for a longer period of time using a temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), initially lasting for 6 months which can be extended by agreement with The Planning Inspectorate.

Apply for a temporary path closure

Wherever possible we look to avoid path closures, however in some cases it may be necessary for safety reasons.

To apply for a temporary closure please download the application form using the button below.

If you would like to discuss your application please contact the Rights of Way Team,

  • Telephone: 0345 608 0193

Temporary closures by Notice

The County Council can grant 5 day (followed by a further 5 day) closures and also 21 day (followed by a further 21 day) closures.

These are usually for emergency unplanned events or short term works such as where a route needs to be closed to protect public safety. They are arranged by posting notices on site and on our website.

Once we have received you application form we will decide which type is most appropriate.

Please allow 1 week for us to process you application.

The charge for one order is currently £235. If more than one order is required, applicants will be charged accordingly. For example 2 five day orders would cost £470.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) closures

If it is necessary to close a path for a greater length of time such as for planned non-emergency works, the County Council can put a 6 month Traffic Regulation Order in place. This requires a formal a procedure and must be advertised in the local press.

Please allow 8 weeks for us to process your application.

TRO costs are currently in the region of £800 to £1000, depending on advertising costs.

For closures longer than 6 months, we can then apply to the Secretary of State for an extension order. Additional costs apply.