Why East Sussex?

Working as a social worker in East Sussex

We invest in you so change can happen

We work with the most vulnerable members of society, often with very complex needs. We are passionate about bringing about real and lasting change in their lives. To make that happen, we need intelligent, curious, energised and creative people who are keen to learn and want to practice at the very top of their game. We particularly welcome male applicants and those from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds as they are underrepresented in our service.

Relationships are the key to best practice

In East Sussex social work looks and feels different from other places. Our focus is on the relationship the social worker has with the child and family rather than on targets and statistics. We believe it is this relationship that brings about change for the better. A deep understanding of the child’s experience through listening, observing and talking is the foundation of East Sussex’s Relationship Based Practice. We expect our social workers to develop relationships with children and families to deliver sophisticated interventions which keep children safe and genuinely improve their lives at home, at school and in the community.

If you are going to deliver meaningful interventions you’ll need support. We are a learning organisation which provides outstanding reflective supervision, an open door policy throughout the service and manageable caseloads. This is all part of our model of Connected Practice to create better relationships between managers and social workers, social workers and families, and families themselves.

We empower staff with advanced skills training

Such an approach demands advanced skills. We invest in the time, training, support and supervision needed to empower you to deliver interventions based on a good understanding of risk, attachment and trauma.

We ensure you’re able to put that training into your practice, confidently and safely, through group supervision, practice development, regular learning surgeries and through the support of colleagues in professional digital communities.

The relationships we build with children are valued and we get to know them as individuals.

We also know that it’s vital to get the basics right first. Before taking on advanced skills, all our NQSWs spend their first year receiving a thorough grounding in the basics of social work in the Foundation Programme.

A wealth of shared experience and knowledge

Skilled social work practice is acquired through experience, learning and by testing out your hypotheses within group supervision – a priority across all our social work teams.

We have invested in developing specialist knowledge in a range of themes and have a range of experts based in our SWIFT service. These practitioners include psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse specialists, and social workers who provide expert consultation, assessments and interventions.