Supporting you

Working in Hastings

Your learning and training

We don’t pay lip service to learning, it’s a priority.

To ensure you’re at the top of your game, we can offer you the most up-to-date methods of learning. We appoint the most effective trainers, internally and externally, and embed their teaching through learning surgeries, practice development sessions and lunchtime seminars.

For instance, all staff will receive training in:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution Focussed practice
  • Application of Attachment Theory including Attachment Based Practice with Adults.

We have developed clear learning pathways for all practitioners linked to the Knowledge and Skills statements.

We take Munro very seriously and make sure post-qualifying courses are to a very high standard.

A teaching partnership with local universities

An established teaching partnership with our local universities called the South Coast Regional Centre for Social Work Education (SCRC). An innovative model for social work education.

Consisting of three hubs (Student Learning Hub, Professional Practice Development Hub and Practice Research Hub), the SCRC provides a defined career pathway for social work practitioners. It provides an opportunity to deliver training at our local universities via our Practitioners Who Teach programme and be supported by academics whilst you undertake action research in response to questions raised through your direct practice.

You’ll have access to online learning resources

At all times you have access to our online, in-house learning resource, Single Source, where you’ll find our latest blog and training offer and the research and practice tools you need in order to support your evidenced based practice. You’ll also have access to all the resources available through Research in Practice.

Your career progression

We make every effort to ensure our staff can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families in East Sussex by supporting them in their career progression and development of professional practice.

You will have the option to focus on practice, leadership and management, or practice education.

The East Sussex Assessed and Supported Year into Employment (ASYE) programme

The assessed and supported year for social work graduates is an opportunity for a Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) to settle in to their new role and develop essential professional skills, knowledge, competence and authority.

Your ASYE assessment is based on the principle of holistic and progressive assessment of capability across the nine domains of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) at ASYE level and the KSS.

You’ll be required to complete a Reflective Log that self-assesses your current and developing knowledge, skills and experience, and sets out with your manager, plans for further development within a PDP.

You will be responsible for a portfolio of practice evidence that is built through the year.

There’s support and guidance from your team and manager and you will have access to the Social Work Education Team, a responsive and dedicated team of qualified social work professionals who will provide you with ongoing support throughout your first year.

The Springboard ASYE programme also offers;

  • planned induction that will assist you in making the transition from student to professional social worker
  • learning agreement with arrangements for supervision, manageable caseload, opportunities for co-working and reflective time
  • regular reflective professional supervision by an experienced and registered Social Worker
  • opportunity to develop Relationship Based practice which is further underpinned by reflective supervision
  • monthly practice groups that will support you in meeting the requirements for your ASYE
  • protected time for professional development equivalent to 10% of your contracted hours
  • reviews every two months enabling you give feedback and evolve your professional development plan
  • integrated training programme to assist you to progress towards a successful completion of your first year

Once you’ve completed your ASYE we have every confidence that you will want to continue to develop your career at East Sussex County Council. In fact, we believe that remaining at ESCC for a minimum of 12 months post-completion is vital in order to consolidate your practice.

As you continue your career with ESCC, you will find that our ongoing continuous professional development offer and guidance is comprehensive and enables you to consolidate your practice over your second year. You can then embed your practice knowledge and skills over the following years and embark on specialist training.

You career development pathway

The Social Work Career Development Pathway provides a clear outline to guide you through the development opportunities available at each stage of your career. We have developed learning pathways for all practitioners linked to the Knowledge and Skills Statement and attendance at training is prioritised across the organisation.