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Recent Investigations

Hastings town centre flooding – Monday 16th January 2023

Following flooding in Hastings town centre on Monday 16th January, agencies including East Sussex County Council, Hastings Borough Council, the Environment Agency and Southern Water, and the local MP, met and agreed to support an independent investigation.

Flooding occurred after prolonged rainfall over the winter with intense rainfall over the preceding weekend and the wettest January day on Monday 16th January since 1943.

Several homes and businesses in South Terrace were flooded as well as the Priory Meadow shopping centre and the surrounding area.

As Lead Local Flood Authority, East Sussex County Council commissioned independent consultants to undertake the investigation to gather evidence and facts and identify the causes.

An interim report was published in May whilst data necessary to frame the report's recommendations was being collected. This report is the final version which sets out the findings of our investigation and recommendations for further work to manage the risk of flooding at this location. Both the Final and Interim reports can be found on our Section 19 Investigations page.

Agencies have agreed to meet when the investigation concludes to discuss the report and consider any short, medium, and long-term changes that may be necessary.  They also agreed to lobby for additional resources that may be required to build resilience in the town centre.

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