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Environment Strategy 2020

Climate change and the degradation of the world’s natural capital assets are defining issues of our time.

A partnership of private, public and educational sector organisations has formed the East Sussex Environment Board, which has developed this Environment Strategy and will steer its implementation. The main aim of the Strategy is to drive measurable improvements in our environment, to ensure East Sussex continues to be where people want to live, work, study, visit and do business.

The Environment Strategy [805.2 KB] [pdf]

The Technical Appendix to the Environment Strategy [900.4 KB] [pdf]

East Sussex Climate Change Road Map

The East Sussex Environment Board has developed the following Climate Change Road Map for the county:

East Sussex Climate Change Road Map 2022 – 2025 [3.0 MB] [pdf]


If you have any queries about the strategy, please contact our Environment Team manager:

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