Teaching for sick children

The Teaching and Learning Provision may provide an interim package of education for children who are:

  • too sick to attend school (physical or mental health) for at least 15 days in one academic year,
  • who are on the school roll, and
  • aged 4 to 16

We need medical evidence from

  • a consultant – medical or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), or
  • a GP showing they made a referral to a consultant

We provide a range of services that include

  • Teaching centre in Battle, Eastbourne and Ringmer
  • online learning
  • 1:1 teaching in the home
  • support workers

We work with you and your child, their school and health professionals. We’ll make sure your child makes academic progress and returns to school as soon as possible.

Referral and contact

Schools should complete the online referral form.

You can also contact Teaching and Learning Provision for advice on

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