Find my community area (secondary)

Every Community and Voluntary Controlled school in East Sussex has a ‘community area’, and children living in this area have priority for admission to that school ahead of children living outside the area.  Some own admission authority schools and academies use community areas as well.

For the best results, find an address by typing the address or a postcode. Once found, click on the map to reveal the community area for that location. You can zoom in and out by using +/- buttons. Some locations are in more than one community area.

See the searchable map.

Other own admission authority schools and academies prioritise children according to other criteria, and although they are shown in the community area map, children living in the area will not have priority for places ahead of children living outside it. These schools are shown in brackets in the list below. 

Some schools share a community area (or part of a community area).  Where a home address falls into an area shared by more than one school, the label will have (1 of a number) in the label and an arrow which enables you to scroll through and see all the schools serving this particular address.

Bexhill secondary schools

  • Bexhill Academy
  • St Richard’s Catholic College

Eastbourne Secondary schools

  • Eastbourne Secondary schools share various community areas.
  • Gildredge House School does not use the community areas as shown

Hastings secondary schools

  • Ark Alexandra Academy
  • The Hastings Academy
  • The St Leonards Academy

Schools which are not in this list have their own area which is clearly labelled in the searchable map.  For confirmation of the community area serving your address please email Admissions and Transport team giving the exact address and detailing which age group you wish to enquire about.

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