Consultation for 2025-26

Arrangements for local authority controlled schools

Consultation for East Sussex Schools Admission Arrangements 2025-26 is open from 13 November 2023- 15 January 2024.   This consultation also applies to Priory School, Lewes, which follows East Sussex admission arrangements.

There are no proposed changes to the admission arrangements from 2024-25.  The proposed admission priorities can be found here:

Proposed admission arrangements for East Sussex Community and Voluntary Controlled schools 2025-26 [26.6 KB] [docx]

There are two proposed Published Admission Number (PAN) changes: to reduce the PAN of Mayfield CE Primary School from 30 to 20, and to increase the PAN of Chailey School from 174 to 180:

Proposed PANs for East Sussex Schools [44.1 KB] [docx]

The changes to the co-ordinated admission schemes relate to dates only:

Proposed Primary co-ordinated scheme 2025-26 [42.5 KB] [docx]

Proposed Secondary co-ordinated scheme 2025-26 [41.9 KB] [docx]

Proposed in-year co-ordinated scheme 2024-25 [38.9 KB] [docx]

Other admission authorities within the county who consult to change their arrangements will be listed here as we are made aware of them, with links to their consultations.

Objections can be made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) by 15 May each year. Find out more about the OSA on GOV.UK

Arrangements for schools that set their own admissions policies

We display policies we receive from the schools. The link will take you to a PDF of their final arrangements.

Objections to any of the admissions arrangements can be made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) by 15 May each year. Find out more about the OSA on GOV.UK

Please note: we know the files below might not be suitable for users of assistive technology. 

They are created directly by the schools.

If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader, please contact the school directly, and they will do their best to help.

  • All Saints and St Richard’s CE Primary [629.7 KB] [pdf]
  • All Saints CE Junior Academy
  • Annecy Catholic Primary
  • Annecy supplementary information
  • ARK Alexandra
  • ARK Blacklands
  • ARK Castledown
  • ARK Little Ridge
  • Beacon Academy
  • Bexhill Academy
  • Blackboys CE
  • Breakwater Academy
  • Burfield Academy
  • Christ Church CE
  • Christ Church CE supplementary information
  • Framfield CE
  • Gildredge House
  • Glenleigh Park [539.8 KB] [pdf]
  • Groombridge St Thomas CE
  • Grovelands
  • Guestling Bradshaw CE
  • Guestling Bradshaw supplementary information
  • Hailsham Community College
  • Hastings and St Leonards Academies (University of Brighton schools)
  • Hawkes Farm
  • Heron Park [541.3 KB] [pdf]
  • High Cliff Academy
  • Holy Cross CE
  • Jarvis Brook
  • King Offa [635.9 KB] [pdf]
  • King’s Academy Ringmer
  • Little Horsted CE
  • Mark Cross CE
  • Oakwood [618.3 KB] [pdf]
  • Ocklynge Junior
  • Peacehaven Community School
  • Pebsham Primary Academy
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Priory School
  • Ratton
  • Rye College [70.5 KB] [docx]
  • Rye Community Primary [120.5 KB] [docx]
  • Sacred Heart Catholic
  • Sacred Heart supplementary information
  • Seahaven Academy
  • Seaford Head School
  • Sedlescombe CE Primary
  • Sir Henry Fermor CE
  • St Catherine’s College
  • St Johns CE
  • St Johns Meads CE
  • St Johns Meads CE supplementary information
  • St Leonards CE Primary Academy
  • St Marks CE
  • St Marks CE supplementary information
  • St Mary Magdelene Catholic
  • St Mary Magdelene supplementary information
  • St Mary Star of the Sea
  • St Mary Star of the Sea supplementary information
  • St Mary the Virgin CE
  • St Marys Catholic Crowborough [306.8 KB] [pdf]
  • St Marys Crowborough supplementary information [211.9 KB] [pdf]
  • St Marys Crowborough consultation letter [140.0 KB] [pdf]
  • St Pancras Catholic
  • St Pancras supplementary information
  • St Paul’s CE Academy
  • St Peter and St Paul’s CEP
  • St Philips Catholic Primary
  • St Philips Catholic SIF
  • St Richards CC policy and extra information
  • St Thomas a Becket Primary
  • St Thomas a Becket Primary supplementary information
  • St Thomas CE Winchelsea [66.6 KB] [docx]
  • St Thomas CE Winchelsea consultation letter [82.0 KB] [docx]
  • The Cavendish
  • The Eastbourne Academy
  • The Haven CE Methodist
  • The Turing School
  • White House
  • Western Road