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Secure email

For most purposes our online contact forms offer a safe and secure way of contacting us.

However, if you need to send us confidential attachments or other sensitive information, we provide a secure email system to protect confidential information when we send it to you, or receive it from you.

All contents of the email, including attachments, are encrypted until the person receiving the email unencrypts them using a key or password that only they know.

When sending sensitive information to members of the public, providers or partners staff can choose to use our Voltage SecureMail system to provide additional levels of protection if required. For public sector partners sending sensitive information to our eastussex.gov.uk domain, please request your council contact to provide you with a secure email address.

The first time you use the system you will be asked to register your mailbox on our system with a password. For details about this and how to use the system, please download the guidance for using the East Sussex County Council secure email system [1.3 MB] [pdf].

You can access the system below:

Help with secure email

We are unable to support members of the public with Voltage issues as this is a self-service system.

If you are experiencing problems with the system, this is usually caused by a problem with your internet browser caching old login details or saving multiple accounts and getting mixed up.

To deal with this problem temporarily:

  • Open the Voltage link you receive in a Private Tab in your browser. This will bypass the cached data in the browser and should work.

For a more permanent solution, clear the cookies and cache from your browser. See the instructions for the most common browsers:

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