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On this page you'll find the last 3 months' Homes for Ukraine - newsletters for hosts. So no matter when you signed up for our newsletter, you can always access information you may have missed.

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Please note that some of these newsletters may contain some information or offers that have since been revised or are out of date.

6 January 2023
Happy new year! Here's what to expect in 2023

23 December 2022
Our final update of 2022

16 December 2022
How you can stay warm this winter

9 December 2022
Service availability, welfare checks and free SIM cards

7 December 2022
Important: Welfare checks to be conducted starting this week

2 December 2022
Christmas - planning ahead for reduced service availability plus how to protect yourself from scams

25 November 2022
Financial help for guests to access the private rented sector is now available

18 November 2022
A message to adult social care clients and carers

11 November 2022
Upcoming winter activities and childcare support

4 November 2022
Changes to your host payments

28 October 2022
Help and support available for hosts

21 October 2022
Bonfire night celebrations and event invites

17 October 2022
Important housing and employment updates plus upcoming events

7 October 2022
You're invited to an event plus emotional support for your guest

30 September 2022
A reminder on host payments and incoming support

23 September 2022
We need your help to complete important checks

16 September 2022
Farewell to HM Queen Elizabeth II

9 September 2022
Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

2 September 2022
Employment support offer and protecting guests from fraud