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Could you provide a safe home for Ukrainian guests?

We are looking for new hosts to be part of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Can you offer a home to Ukrainian guests and support them as they continue to build a secure independent life? For many, a home is the final piece of the jigsaw.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, many Ukrainians are unable to return home and we need your kindness and generosity more than ever.

Many Ukrainians looking for a home in East Sussex already have jobs and children at school. However, some need a little more time before they are ready to move into a home of their own. That’s where you can help.

For more information about the scheme and how it works:

  • email ukraine@eastsussex.gov.uk
  • or call our advice line on 01273 337010 for an informal chat (10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday). 

- Debbie talks about her experience of being a host

Watch on YouTube: "Debbie talks about her experience of being a host"

I remember when we moved to the UK it was like a completely other place where my children are safe. Yes I cried that evening but it was happiness - it wasn't sorrow anymore.

Olha - guest

Support for hosts

Ariane P

Remember, you’ll not be alone when you become a host. There’s lots of support available to you, from financial help to advice on helping your guest find work or move into their own homes when the time comes.

Support for hosts