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Council housing, right to buy and exchanges

Council housing

Local district and borough councils allocate council housing and give priority to those in need. There are long waiting lists for council housing and it is allocated to those who are most in need.

The local council's will:

  • provide a housing application form
  • assess if you are eligible for council housing
  • prioritise those in need
  • advise you what priority you have for housing

If you are eligible for social housing and accepted onto the housing register, you will be referred to the Homemove letting scheme which each district and borough council uses to advertise vacancies for social and affordable housing.

Swap your council or housing association home

You may be able to swap your home with another tenant. Whether or not you can do this will depend on your local district or borough council, or housing association.

'Right to buy' scheme

Right to buy allows secure council tenants to buy their home at a reduced price or market value, depending how long they have been a tenant.

For more information about the ‘Right to buy’ scheme, contact the council for your area or visit their website: