Crowdfund East Sussex


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Crowdfunder, the UK’s #1 rewards crowdfunding platform, has teamed up with East Sussex County Council and other local organisations to launch Crowdfund East Sussex.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money from the community around you for ideas that matter to your community. You add your project to Crowdfunder, set a funding target, explain what you want to do with the money – and offer rewards in return for pledges of cash. A reward can be a product, benefit, service or simply a ‘thank you’.

How to get involved?

Crowdfund East Sussex allows local people to support projects they care about. If they like your idea, they donate or pledge money. In return, they receive a reward once your project succeeds.  If you are a local group with a project idea (or two!), visit Crowdfund East Sussex. The Crowdfund East Sussex website has a range of resources. You can learn how to:

  • Plan your crowdfund project.
  • Create your crowdfund project.
  • Run a successful crowdfund campaign.

Crowdfunded projects could also be eligible for a contribution from the Community Wellbeing Fund. This can be up to £5,000.  The fund will support projects that are helping to create social equity, economic prosperity, cultural vitality and environmental sustainability in East Sussex.  Whilst a wide range of projects that help people and the planet to thrive can be funded, priority will be given to projects addressing existing inequalities. 

What does it mean for residents?

Crowdfund East Sussex gives you the opportunity to support the projects close to your heart, by allowing you to pledge towards a funding target and spreading the word in return for some “rewards”. At the same time, by showing support for specific projects, you’ll send a signal to participating funders about which projects you think should receive grant funding.