Teenagers leaving home – advice for parents

If you have parental responsibility, until your child is 18 you’re responsible for:

  • providing a home for your child
  • protecting and maintaining your child

Advice for families

Problems can often be solved by taking new approaches. Get advice early.
You’ll find advice, tools and techniques here:

Next steps

  1. Talk to your GP or your teenager’s school or college.
  2. Call the Single Point of Advice for support for family breakdown and behavioural issues.
  3. Contact mediation services:

Things to consider

Could your teenager live with another family member?

Could you tackle your teenager’s behaviour rather than losing them altogether?

Teenagers need boundaries and support to become a successful adult. Those who need help have the best chance of making a change with a stable home.

When to call Children’s Services

If your teenager has left, or is the process of leaving home, they may be at risk.