Sibling Service consent form

Thank you for your interest in the Sibling Service (Sibs). This service provides help and support to children with a disabled brother or sister.

Use the form below to give consent for your child’s name, date of birth and contact details added to the Sibs index. Please note, this child must not be eligible for universal, targeted or specialist disability services in their own right.

Please use a new form for each child you want to add.

To find out about how we use your data for the Sibs service, please read our privacy notice.

About the brother or sister (sibling)

About the disabled child

We will use this information to select suitable sibling activities

Your contact details

Your consent

By clicking submit, you are agreeing for your child's details to be added to the Sibling Index. With regard to Data Protection we will hold this information for as long as your child is offered a service or until you wish to have it removed. We work in partnership with local healthcare trusts and independent agencies to provide a cross range of activities for the various age groups. Please let us know if your contact details change so we can keep you updated.