Transfer from another agency

- Transferring to East Sussex Fostering Service from a fostering agency

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Considering a change?

Whether you’re currently fostering, or you’ve had a break and would like to come back to your fostering career, please get in touch with us.  A specialist from our assessment team will get straight back to you about our simple transfer or return-to-fostering process, incentives and payment continuity.

We'll make it easy...

We will talk everything through with you to make sure a move is right for you. We keep things confidential and give you time to consider this step.

You can transfer with a child already in placement, even if they are placed with you by another local authority. We will guarantee that you continue with the same rate of payment for the duration of that placement. We can discuss payment for experienced and transferring foster carers in more detail when you get in touch.

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Why change agencies?

You may feel that you should be getting more support, you might be experiencing long periods of time when you do not have a child placed with you and are feeling undervalued. Maybe you have a long way to travel to access training and support groups?

As a transfer, your assessment will be prioritised - you won't have to start from scratch!  We already know you have the relevant skills and fostering experience.

Benefits of fostering with the East Sussex Fostering Service

  • We always have local children waiting to be placed and offer all placements to our in-house carers first to make the best matches and ensure better outcomes for the children.
  • We will only use carers from an independent fostering agency if we do not have enough foster carers of our own to match a specific placement.
  •  81% of placements made in 2022/23 were with ESCC’s own carers.
  • 2024 new training packages tailored to current foster carer needs.
  • Out-of-hours support so you’re never alone facing difficult situations.
  • Local support groups who meet up regularly.
  • Knowing that we don’t make a profit from vulnerable children who need to be looked after. We’re a local authority, not a private company. No shareholders.
  • If you have your own children, they can join our established YPWF (Young People Who Foster) group where they can enjoy events and activities which we fund throughout the year. We recognise and reward the positive impact they make to your fostered children too!

About the transfer process

Foster carers are always free to choose which agency they register with but can only be registered with one agency at a time.

We have a great deal of experience in working with carers who wish to transfer from their current agency and the process we follow is covered by the Fostering Network transfer protocol.