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Why transfer from your current agency to East Sussex County Council?

If you are considering changing agency, please get in touch with us and someone from our Recruitment and Assessment Team will contact you about our simple transfer process.

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Why change agencies?

You may feel that you should be getting more support, you might be experiencing long periods of time when you do not have a child placed with you and are feeling undervalued. Maybe you have a long way to travel to access training and support groups?

Benefits of fostering with the East Sussex Fostering Service

  • You will have the advantage of fostering with a local authority that will always have local children waiting to be placed.
  • We offer all our placements to our in-house carers first. By using our own carers we can make the best matches to ensure better outcomes for our children.
  • We will only use carers from an independent fostering agency if we do not have enough foster carers of our own.

About the transfer process

Foster carers are always free to choose which agency they register with but can only be registered with one agency at a time.

We have a great deal of experience in working with carers who wish to transfer from their current agency and the process we follow is covered by the Fostering Network transfer protocol.

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