Becoming a foster carer

Why foster with us?

Our foster carers come first

We are responsible for placing every child in East Sussex who needs care, from newborns to teenagers.

We always give priority to place children with our own foster carers first, rather than with an agency.

We will only consider using carers from an independent fostering agency if we do not have enough available foster carers of our own at the time.

You probably have more questions... so please contact us directly or join one of our virtual information events.

Help and advice for you – day or night

  • Every foster carer has a dedicated social worker who is locally based in East Sussex.
  • 24-hour telephone helpline is available, 7 days a week, for help and advice.

The support with East Sussex has been excellent. We’ve been supported all the way through.

Sarah – foster carer

Ongoing training

  • Excellent training ensures you have the right skills to foster before you start.
  • Further regular local training enables you to improve your knowledge and develop your skills to help your fostering journey. This includes optional higher formal qualifications if you'd like to gain these too.

Ongoing support for the child – all under one roof

  • We offer joined up support – all under one roof.
  • Each foster child has their own dedicated social worker.
  • To help the child achieve at school, there’s advice, support and assistance. Additional teaching support is also available if needed.
  • Children’s Mental Health Services are also on hand to provide support.

A network of support for you

  • Individual membership to the Fostering Network and the East Sussex Foster Care Association.
  • Social events for everyone in our foster care team – you, your children, the children you care for and professional colleagues.

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