Corporate Training - bespoke training and consultancy service

We offer a flexible approach to developing and delivering training. In addition to the training courses detailed on the East Sussex Learning Portal, we offer a consultancy service to identify with you how best to meet your learning needs.

Once we are aware of your individual learning needs we can:

  • design an appropriate learning solution
  • organise a venue
  • provide the end to end administration services
  • provide an analysis of the training outcomes to establish how they have met your specific needs.

Our flexible approach means that you can have the option of:

  • how you or your team can be trained
  • where you want to be trained
  • when you want the training to take place.

Bespoke training sessions

We have provided bespoke training to teams within all departments at East Sussex County Council, numerous schools and have worked with several external organisations within Sussex.

Examples of recent bespoke training sessions include:

  • coaching
  • team building events
  • customer service training
  • change management
  • personal effectiveness training.


We can offer you one-to-one confidential coaching for individuals from our pool of qualified coaches. This aims to unlock people’s ability to resolve problems or generate new ideas that will improve their performance.  It is a short-term process that focusses on a specific situation the person is facing to help them make sense of it. This will in turn enhance their personal or their team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Facet 5 Personality Profiling and Team Development

An additional service that we can offer for individuals and teams is the use of Facet 5. It is a personality profiling tool that is based on strong, well-researched psychological principles. Each team member receives an individual brief on their personality profile providing them with a greater level of self-awareness that they can easily relate to using language that is grounded in practical behavioural styles. This can then be followed up with a team workshop to explore the strengths people share as a group and where there is potential for conflict or growth. The process can be particularly helpful for teams who are going through change, integrating new members, or wanting to strengthen their collective performance.

Arrange a free consultation

Contact us to arrange a free consultation:

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