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Information for suppliers about our procurement and payment systems


Our back office uses SAP software incorporating a complete ‘Purchase-to-pay’ service. This includes sending purchase orders electronically to our suppliers, payments by BACS, and electronic supplier catalogues for our procurement staff.

This applies to most orders placed by East Sussex County Council, with some exceptions such as those placed direct by schools.

Purchasing cards

We use purchasing cards or P-cards to make purchases and payments. The benefit of this is a faster billing process which enables you to be paid within 4 working days. It also reduces the cost of producing and posting invoices.

If you are interested and accept MasterCard, please email us at P-Card Admin.

Purchase orders

  • Include our purchase order number and contact details on invoices
  • Check the content of each purchase order and let us know if there are any errors. For example, if we have raised an order at an incorrect price, contact the County Council member of staff quoted on the purchase order. If no name is listed on your invoice, please email Purchasing queries
  • Make sure you resolve any queries you have relating to a purchase order before you supply the goods or services as delays may arise in the payment of your invoice.
  • Check purchase orders for invoicing instructions. Purchase orders that come from the SAP system will provide this address. Please ensure invoices are sent to the correct address. Please note that the delivery location will be shown separately from the invoice address.
  • If you receive a hard copy or are unsure about the validity of an electronic purchase order please contact the County Council member of staff quoted on your purchase order.

Further information

For further information, please contact Purchasing queries.

We make payments directly into supplier’s bank accounts by BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing System). The benefits include:

  • The payment goes directly into your bank account.
  • You don’t have to pay cheques into the bank and wait for them to ‘clear’. This saves you time and means the money is available to you more quickly.
  • The money will be credited in your account within two working days from the date shown on the payment advice we will send you.
  • There is no risk of the payment made to you being lost or stolen, as there could be with a cheque.

BACS payments

We no longer pay by cheque. All new suppliers and vendors need to complete a BACS form before a purchase order can be created. All completed forms should be sent electronically to BACS Forms

We send our BACS remittance advices by email.

Which BACS form should I use?

We have two types of BACS form - commercial and non-commercial - depending on the type of supplier you are.

Please note: we know these files might not be suitable for users of assistive technology. If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader, please contact us, and we will do our best to help.

Telephone: 01273 481108
Email: BACS Forms

Commercial BACS form

Please use the Commercial BACS form if you are an organisation or company with a business interest in the service or goods being supplied (or similar purpose). For example, where the goods or service being supplied results in a financial gain to your organisation or company. This includes Sole Traders, Partnership as well as public limited companies (PLC) and limited companies (LTD).

Please note that if you are a Public Body or Charity (or similar organisation body) you are required to provide evidence of your official status on the BACS form in the same manner as a commercial vendor. Supporting evidence including company stamp, letter headed paper or compliment slip is required.

Non-commercial BACS form

If you do not come under the categories above you should use the private individuals BACS form.


If you have any further questions about this process or the BACS form, please contact the Accounts team below:

Telephone: 01273 481108
Email: BACS Forms