National government, MPs and MEPs


We have set out our proposals for delivering services in East Sussex in the current financial climate. See A core offer for East Sussex.

At a national level, the country is divided into 650 Parliamentary Constituencies and voters in each area elect a member of parliament to sit in the House of Commons and represent them. Find out more about how parliament works and the responsibilities of MPs:

Website of the United Kingdom Parliament.

Latest general election results and Members of Parliament

To find out more about the Members of Parliament that represent East Sussex constituencies visit their individual websites:

2017 Election results in East Sussex

The general election results for East Sussex are on the BBC website:

2015 Election results in East Sussex

Useful websites

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

Each MEP has a special area of responsibility. The European Parliament website lists the committees that the MEPs sit on.

If you want to raise an issue with an MEP, you can choose which you think would best suit your needs – either because of the issue, your own political persuasion or where you live.

Find out more from the website of the UK Office of the European Parliament: