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Videos of council meetings

Webcasts of meetings are available online for 6 months after the date of the meeting.

They include index points that allow you to jump to specific agenda items and speakers.

Please note: you may notice a lack of sound for a few minutes until meetings have formally begun.

For webcasts of meetings more than 6 months ago, please contact Democratic Services.

These meetings are open to the public

Anyone can come and listen. If you want to ask a question, you’ll need to let us know in advance:

  • Agendas and reports for most meetings are published here a few days in advance of each meeting.
  • Minutes are published a few weeks later.

All these public documents can be found through our pages on the various committees and meetings.

You can view webcasts from the past 6 months and see upcoming meetings in the webcast library on the Public-i website:

For help with problems or understanding how the technology works, see our page on how to view our webcasts.