Statement of Accounts

These documents show where we have spent and invested money, and what our financial position was at the end of March each year.

The format of the Statement of Accounts is governed by the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom.

The current publication requirements are for the unaudited draft version of the accounts to be published by 31 July and for the audited Statement of Accounts to be published by 30 November.   

Please note that the 2021/22 accounts are currently published without an audit opinion due on ongoing audit work by Grant Thornton (primarily around land and building valuations) and due to awaiting CIPFA's implementation of the statutory override for Infrastructure asset valuations which is anticipated to take place by the end of December 2022.


If you have any difficulties viewing or accessing these documents, or require any of the information in a different format please contact the Financial Accounting team.


Statement Of Accounts 2021 To 2022 (awaiting audit opinion) [2.8 MB] [pdf]