Apply to use Council-owned land

Members of the public can apply for a licence to use land which is owned by East Sussex County Council as long as it is not currently required for Council use – for example, where land is held pending a road scheme but where this is not due to go ahead in the immediate future.

A prospective licensee will be required to pay a market rent and reasonable legal and surveyor’s fees to us in respect of any licence. Terms will be subject to negotiation between the parties, licensee’s satisfactory references and planning permission.

We would always advise anyone interested in entering a legal agreement with us to obtain independent legal advice on the agreement before entering into it.

East Sussex County Council is under no obligation to grant a licence to a third party to use any piece of land that we own and we will assess each application on the circumstances prevailing at the time that the application is made.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in using any Council land please send a plan along with any other relevant information to Property Estates, or alternatively you can ring 01273 336104 to speak to a surveyor.