Corporate peer challenge

In 2023, we invited an experienced team of officers from other local authorities to examine how we work and provide services to the people of East Sussex. This review, known as a corporate peer challenge, was carried out through the Local Government Association (LGA) which represents most local authorities.

The purpose was to get an independent view on what the county council does well, to identify any gaps in our operation and to challenge us on areas where we might develop.

The challenge team spent a week in East Sussex. They talked to members and officers at the council and to people in partner organisations to get their experience of working with the council. They also had a close look at the council’s plans and how we operate. 

Findings and recommendations

You can read a summary of the peer challenge report and eight recommendations made by the challenge team on the LGA site:

The report is positive, finding the council “does what it says it will and does it well.” The report team said staff were dedicated and worked well with each other, with councillors and with partners. They found the council was open and approachable.

Their recommendations include suggestions about risk and transformation, offering more local leadership, especially on climate change and doing more to showcase achievements.

Our response to the recommendations

East Sussex County Council’s full response to each of the recommendations was published online as part of a report to its cabinet in September 2023: