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What's accepted - hard plastics

Hard plastic items accepted for recycling:

  • Plastic storage containers
  • Buckets and bins
  • Plastic patio furniture
  • Large children’s toys
  • Plastic gutters, downpipes and utility pipes
  • Wheelie bins
  • Compost bins and water butts
  • Plastic plant pots (empty)
  • Car bumpers
  • Traffic cones and barriers

Hard plastic items not accepted for recycling (and should be placed with the general waste for disposal):

  • brittle plastics that shatter easily e.g. coat hangers, CD cases
  • upholstered plastics e.g. child car seats
  • empty containers of oil, grease, paint or chemicals
  • mastic tubes
  • video tapes, CDs, small children’s toys
  • empty food packaging e.g. plastic bottles, tubs, trays
  • fibreglass e.g. baths
  • rubber products e.g. hoses, matting, netting
  • general waste