Traffic surveys

The Transport Monitoring Team carry out a wide range of transport surveys, including:

  • vehicle flows and classified turning counts
  • speed surveys
  • parking demand and capacity surveys
  • cycle counts
  • pedestrian counts, identification of desire lines
  • journey times
  • usage of loading bays, lay-bys, taxi ranks and so forth
  • interviews, user or visitor surveys
  • public transport journey times, patronage
  • letter and leaflet deliveries

This information is used for:

  • development of local transport schemes
  • transport assessments for new development
  • monitoring our Local Transport Plan

Traffic data from previous surveys

You can find out if we hold any data from previous surveys before you request a new one. A charge may be made for supplying data. Contact us,

Requesting a new traffic survey

You can ask us to carry out a traffic survey on your behalf. A charge is made for this service. Contact us,

Would you like to work as a traffic enumerator?

We recruit staff to carry out survey and analysis work. This includes traffic or pedestrian counts and bus surveys. Employment is on a casual basis for intermittent or short-term survey work. Occasionally surveys can last several weeks. Our surveys are normally carried out in East Sussex and Brighton.

The number and type of survey vary from year to year. If you register interest, we keep your name on the list of people willing to carry out surveys. This does not guarantee employment.

Email the Transport Monitoring team to register your interest. Please include your name and address with your enquiry.

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