Change of name deed

In the UK, anyone over 18 can change their name.

Government services, banks and other organisations, will require a change of name deed as evidence of your new name.

East Sussex Registration can create a change of name deed with you.

  • A change of name deed can be used to prove you have changed your name when presented with documents showing your previous name.
  • You can change your forename, surname or both, but any names chosen must not be offensive, vulgar or blasphemous.
  • You cannot include titles such as "Sir", "Lord", "Lady", "Duke" or "Duchess" and cannot contain symbols or numbers.
  • A foreign national living in the UK can use this service, but must check with their own national authorities to ensure that they will accept the change. This also applies to British nationals living abroad.
  • East Sussex Registration will not issue a change of name deed for a person under the age of 18.

Some documents such as your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Decree Absolute or educational certificates cannot be changed using your Change of Name Deed, as these are a record of fact, correct at the time of issue.

You can use your marriage or civil partnership certificate to tell organisations you are taking the name of your spouse/civil partner. However, if you wish to change your name to an amalgamation of your names or something different, you should use a change of name deed. East Sussex Registration can help you with this.

To create a change of name deed, you will need to complete an application form [140.4 KB] [pdf].

You should bring this to your appointment.

You will also need to present your:

  • Valid passport


  • Valid photo driving licence

This should show the full name you are changing from.

You will also need evidence of your current address.

This can also be your valid driving licence or you should bring one of these:

  • Bank statement dated within 1 month
  • Utility bill dated within 3 months
  • Council tax bill for the current year

East Sussex Registration will keep a copy of your deed on file.

This will allow you to order a replacement from us, should you lose the original.

Service Fee Description
Change of name deed appointment £42* 30 minute appointment to create and certify a change of name deed.
Additional copy £12* Additional copies issued at the time of the appointment.
Replacement £27* Additional copies issued after the appointment from our original, kept on file.

*includes VAT

Book an appointment to create your change of name deed at one of our Register Offices by calling

0345 60 80 198

Please have your payment card to hand when you call.