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Highway Extent Searches (Highway Boundaries)

Uses and Ordering

Common Highway Extent Search plan uses include:

  • identifying if and where a property abuts the Highway
  • identifying the type(s) of Highway in the vicinity of a property
  • for use in conveyancing reports
  • locating sites to install public infrastructure (Statutory Undertakers)
  • establishing the responsibility for maintenance of a road, pavement (footway), or verge

Highway Extent Searches are charged as follows:

  • 1 x Highway Extent Plan - £54.00 Including VAT @ 20%
    - 1 x Highway Extent Plan is usually enough to cover the extent of a property. More than one plan would normally only be required for development sites or agricultural land.
     - Each additional plan required to cover the area searched would be charged at £54.00. 
  • Additional Questions, as part of a Highway Extent Search - £36.00 Including VAT @ 20% 
  • Electronic copies of Section 38 agreements and Section 278 agreements are charged at £15  

Send your search requests and plans by email to 'highway searches' and we will raise an invoice for you to pay online.

Highway Extent Search Results

Standard Highway Extent Results include:

  • an official plan clearly identifying areas of Highway
  • a covering email to describe what is shown on the plan

Multiple Question Highway Extent Search Results include:

  • an official plan clearly identifying areas of Highway
  • a Highway Extent report. Including specific information relating to nearby highway improvements and implementations

Further Information

Email: Highway Searches

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