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Searches and land charge explained

A Local Authority Search and a Local Land Charge Search are the same thing. A 2-Part search carried out by Local Authorities when land is: valued, purchased, or leased. East Sussex is a 2-tier authority, so the search works like this.

Part 1: Carried out by District or Borough Council who consult the land register to see if the land in question is affected by Tree Preservation Orders, Listed Building Status or other matters decided by District or Borough Councils.

Part 2: Carried out by County Council to answer questions about Highways, Public Rights of Way or other infrastructure which crosses District and Borough boundaries. Sometimes referred to as CON29R.

Order & Pay for Searches

A Local Land Charge Search needs to be ordered from the District or Borough directly. A ‘Full Search’ includes part 2 (CON29R). Below are links to the Local Land Charge Search providers in East Sussex.

You can ask us specific CON29R directly by email. (Enhanced service)

For more information on the cost of individual questions, please see our CON29 charges and questions page.

Personal Searches of Highway Records (EIR)

The information required to answer the highway aspects of the CON29R is available to request free of charge.

If you would like to inspect the records you will need to formally request the data, by email, under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR, 2004).

  • All requests for inspection under EIR 2004 must be a list of addresses, emailed to: CON29Searches EIR. You will need to agree, by return of email, the Highway Land Information Team’s Terms and Conditions to use this service.
  • If you submit multiple requests on the same day these terms will only need to be agreed once.
  • You can submit as many addresses each day as you like.
  • Plans must be provided for each property. Otherwise, we might not be able to process it.
  • The information supplied through personal inspections will be supplied as it is, with no additional checks or interpretation of data. Information provided under EIR should be provided as soon as reasonably practical but within 20 working days (or 40 working days for voluminous requests; the customer will be advised accordingly).


Alternatively, the questions can be answered for a fee (enhanced service) Information provided under the enhanced service is checked and verified by a Council Officer with an undertaking to provide the data within 3 working days (unless otherwise advised). The information supplied will be certified and insured by the Council. (see charges schedule under order and pay for searches)

Common Land and Public Rights of Way

If you want to ask the CON29R questions about Commons, or Public Rights of Way, you should contact that team directly.

Charges and questions

Charging schedule and summary of questions

From 1st April 2023 - Download a copy of the CON29 Charging Schedule & Summary of Questions [149.5 KB] [pdf] 

From 1st April 2024 - Download a copy of the CON29 Charging Schedule & Summary of Questions [150.2 KB] [pdf] 

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