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Hotel, guest house, and holiday let permits - Eastbourne

These permits are for hotel, guest house, and holiday let owners to give to their overnight guests

Who can use the permit?

Hotel guest permits allow overnight guests to park in the controlled parking zone during their stay.

You should buy your permits in advance to issue to guests when required.

The permits are scratch cards, which your guests will need to validate to show the date of use and the hotel, guest house, or holiday let name. Full instructions are shown on the permits.

The use of hotel guest permits will be regularly monitored to make sure parking reflects compliance with the permit terms and conditions. Misuse may result in permits being withdrawn or further applications being rejected.

Where can my guests park?

Download  Eastbourne town centre parking zones map [1.0 MB] [pdf]

There is no zone H. Guests with a valid permit can park in shared use (pay and display and permit holder) or permit holder only bays where there is a ‘H’ on the sign. They are valid on the date that is scratched off and up to 11am the next day.

Having a permit does not guarantee a parking space and they are not valid in any other bay or in any off street car park.

Permits must be clearly displayed so that all the details can be read by a civil enforcement officer.

What evidence do I need to supply with my application?

Hotels and guesthouses

Your application will need to be submitted with a letter on headed paper showing your hotel or guest house address, the number of rooms, and the number of permits you are applying for.

Holiday lets

Your application will need to be submitted with a copy of your current business rates bill for the holiday let, showing the address of the property.

How much do they cost?

They cost £2.20 each and can be bought in books of ten. Permits are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. Payment can be made online when your application is approved. Or once you have received confirmation that your application has been approved you can pay at one of these libraries:

Permits can be collected from the library in the town the hotel is in. If you want to collect the permits from a different library, please tell us when you make your application.

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