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People’s Network acceptable use policy

This is our current policy for the use of the computers, which you must agree to before you use the People’s Network. 

The internet provides access to lots of information that is valuable or enlightening, but you may also find material that is inaccurate, offensive or illegal under UK law. East Sussex County Council’s Library and Information Service provides a level of filtering for adult users, but you must also take responsibility for your own activities. 

Content is filtered for children, but this is not always effective in blocking unsuitable material. No person under 16 will be allowed to use the internet in a public library without either adult supervision or a signed parental consent form (available from the counter). 

We may monitor your use of the computer, including websites visited, in order to plan better services and to ensure you keep to this policy. We will not use personal information for any other purpose, or divulge it to other people or organisations, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 made it illegal to access, create or distribute content which promotes terrorism or seeks to radicalize individuals to such causes. Accessing this content may be treated as a criminal offence and be reported to the Police. 

East Sussex County Council cannot be held responsible for the privacy or security of your activities, and urges caution when undertaking financial transactions online. 

You must read and accept the following terms and conditions before you can use this computer. Please keep to them – if you don’t you may not be allowed access in the future. I agree that:

  • I am fully responsible for all activities and communications that take place during my computer session and will only use my own library card to access the computers.
  • I will not access websites or material that promote terrorism or violent extremism, or that seek to radicalise individuals to such causes. This material could include articles, images, speeches or videos that promote or encourage acts of terrorism, websites made by terrorist organisations or videos of terrorist attacks.
  • I will not tamper with computer hardware, or attempt to install or download software (including viruses) on to library computer hard drives. I will not seek to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or information (“hacking”).
  • I will not engage in any illegal activities, including gambling (for which public libraries are not licensed).
  • I will not use the computer with the intention of profit making, including advertising, or for sending material likely to cause offence or inconvenience, commercial email (“spamming”), and chain letters.
  • I will not use the computer for the purpose of libel, slander or harassment.
  • I will respect the privacy and sensibilities of other library users, and I will not cause noise, or display text or graphics that may be reasonably viewed as obscene or offensive.
  • I will not violate copyright or software license agreements.
  • I will save documents and information only to discs, CDs or USB memory sticks (personal data stored elsewhere will be deleted at the end of the session). Any discs, CDs or USBs left in computers will be kept by staff for 6 months. After this all data will be wiped and the disc or USB destroyed.
  • I will use the computer only within the time that has been allocated to me.
  • I will pay for any printing costs incurred. I will not use the computers for viewing live TV broadcasts or catch up TV via BBC iPlayer (for which public libraries are not licensed).