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Website access in libraries form

Please only use this form to report a website that you have tried to use that is blocked by the Smoothwall filtering on our library computers. We can’t guarantee that it will be unblocked, but we will do our best to ensure full access to websites where they are safe to visit.

Reasons why a website or file may be blocked by Smoothwall:

  • Live television. We don’t have TV licences for libraries so cannot allow access to live television sites and BBC iPlayer.
  • Gambling. We don’t have a gambling licence for libraries so cannot allow access to online gambling sites.
  • Dangerous file types. Sometimes our filtering software cannot see that a file is safe before downloading it. In this case the file will be blocked. Or it may recognise that the file is dangerous, perhaps carrying a virus or other malware.
  • Illegal, pornographic or dangerous websites. These will always be blocked.

Other reasons you may not be able to access a website:

  • You may have typed the address in wrong
  • The site may be down for some reason
  • Internet traffic may be slow today

If this is the case there is usually nothing we can do to help – but please ask staff for assistance if you want some advice.

For example www.eastsussex.gov.uk. Do not include http or https