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IT for You volunteer agreements

Volunteer agreement

East Sussex County Council Library and Information Service values the diverse and various contributions made by volunteers, and views their roles as complementary to those of paid staff.

Any potential volunteer will have references taken up, and for certain roles, a Disclosure and barring service check will be required to protect both volunteers and clients.

All volunteering is on a trial basis. The length of the trial is decided by the supervisor for that role, and is usually 1-3 months. The volunteer is given regular opportunities to meet with their supervisor to discuss how the placement is progressing. If, after the trial period, the volunteer and supervisor are both happy with progress the role can be made permanent; if the supervisor or volunteer have any concerns the trial period may be extended or ended.

What we offer volunteers

  • Reimbursement of mileage costs when required to use vehicle for volunteer role
  • A special category of library membership whilst you remain volunteering with us entitling you to two free audiovisual items at a time (DVDs excluding Premiere titles, CDs and audio books), no overdue charges and no reservation charges
  • Training to enable role to be carried out efficiently and safely
  • Trial period of 1-3 months with regular support and discussion before role is made permanent
  • Access to a named member of staff for support and supervision, including an opportunity to give and receive feedback
  • Treatment in accordance with equalities policies
  • To be treated with courtesy and fairness
  • Volunteers covered by ESCC Public Liability Insurance Policy

What we ask of volunteers

  • To agree a realistic time commitment
  • To let the Library know in advance if they cannot attend an arranged session or carry out their volunteering commitment. Failure to inform the Library of non-attendance will result in your volunteering role being reviewed
  • Wear a volunteer badge and lanyard or Home Library Service ID whilst volunteering to identify you to staff and library customers
  • To attend training as required
  • To abide by the Role Description for your volunteering role
  • To discuss any concerns with named member of staff
  • To observe confidentiality/data protection principles as required for role
  • No drugs, alcohol or smoking whilst undertaking role
  • Equalities and Diversity - Please treat everyone you meet with respect, understanding and dignity regardless of race; gender; disability; sexual orientation; gender identity; religion or belief and age and do not make jokes or comments which could be found offensive
  • Customer Focused Service – Please ensure that at all times you are polite, friendly and courteous. 
  • Abide by East Sussex Library and Information policies
  • Treat staff, other volunteers and members of the public with courtesy and fairness at all times


This form of agreement does not constitute any form of contract nor is it a statement of terms and conditions of service between ESCC Library and Information Service and the volunteer.

Confidentiality agreement

If you have access to East Sussex County Council information while volunteering, you will need to indicate your agreement to this statement by submitting the IT for You volunteer agreement form.

During your volunteering you may have access to information that the department collects as part of its work or through direct conversation with a customer. This information should never be passed on to any unauthorised person whilst working for the department or at any time from then on.

This includes holding discussions with colleagues concerning customers in any situation where the conversation may be overheard.

You have a duty, in line with the Data Protection Act 2018, and the Computer Misuse Act 1990, to ensure data held manually, on computer, microfiche and CCTV is kept confidential  and not transferred from its original form.

Any breach of confidentiality by volunteers may result in the ending of your volunteer role.

Any such breach may also lead to either criminal or civil action for damages, prosecution or to restrain an individual.

Declaration form

Please complete and submit the IT for You volunteer agreement form.