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New East Sussex County Council staff

Information Governance
Welcome to East Sussex County Council. In order to enable full access to the council’s network you will need to complete the Information Governance e-learning. Please email metaC.support@eastsussex.gov.uk to request access to the e-learning platform.

Once you have completed the Information Governance e-learning, please work through the below e-learning induction courses as specified on your induction plan. Access to the courses is through our e-learning site, please click this link to access https://eastsussex.learningpool.com You will need to create an account on first visiting this site.

Corporate Induction
This course provides essential knowledge in respect of your employment with the County Council and provides an overview of how national and local government works.

Standards of behaviour
This module outlines the standards of behaviour required of all Council employees, our corporate approach to ethical standards, our code of conduct as well as other policies and procedures that make up our corporate governance framework.

Equality and diversity
This e-learning course will give you a general introduction to how to apply equality and diversity in your work.

Health and safety
Use our Astute e-learning package to help you comply with health and safety legislation. All staff must complete the Astute training as part of their induction. This is on a separate platform. Please email your departmental contact Online health and safety training – ESCC Intranet

Display Screen Equipment
Take this course to find out the best and safest ways to use display screen equipment, whether desktop or laptop.

Our customer promise
This e-learning course is designed to introduce all new and existing staff to the basics of our customer service and our customer promise when serving our customers.

Climate Awareness
This session will provide an overview of the topic, what the council can do to lessen its impact and tackle climate change and a chance to reflect on your impact. 

Flexible Working
This provides training for staff and managers on how best to work in a more flexible way.

Inclusive Recruitment
This course is for all managers and staff involved in the recruitment and selection process.

New Adult Social Care staff
If you are new to the Adult Social Care department you must also complete the Safeguarding Adults e-learning module as part of your induction. Access to the course is through our e-learning site, please click here to visit.  You will need to create an account on first visiting this site.
There is a range of courses provided by the Adult Social Care Training Team that will be relevant to your role. You will find details of these here. Please discuss which courses are relevant to your role with your line manager prior to requesting any places.

New Adult Social Care Staff Welcome Session

Our Welcome Sessions are held quarterly and form part of the Induction programme for new Adult Social Care staff, providing an opportunity for you to learn about the services our department provides and how the council works as a whole.  Becky Shaw, our Chief Executive, will talk about her role and the overarching council priorities.  You will also hear key information about wellbeing, staff benefits, safeguarding, equality and diversity, and how to get the most out of our Intranet.

Every new starter is automatically invited to the session by the ASC Organisational Development Team; or you can book a place by emailing ASC Organisational Development Team

You may not be able to attend a Welcome Session immediately upon starting your role, so in the meantime our Working in Adult Social Care and Health – ESCC Intranet pages may be useful for you to familiarise yourself with.  You will also be added to the ASCH Yammer New Starter Community for the first 12 months of your employment, where you will hear from key managers and have the chance to ask questions and connect with other new starters.

New Children's Services Staff
New staff to Children's Services should also complete the Safeguarding children and young people e-learning module as part of their induction. Access to the course is through our e-learning site, please click here to visit.  You will need to create an account on first visiting this site.

If your job role involves direct contact with children or regular visits to venues where children are present it is mandatory that you also take the classroom based course: Basic Child Protection Training - Signs & Indicators - Recognition & Response Core skills | East Sussex County Council

New Children's Services Staff Welcome Session
The welcome session is the induction for all staff new to the Children's Services department Book a Welcome Session – ESCC Intranet
It provides an opportunity for new staff to understand the breadth and diversity of the department, learn about key issues and to meet members of the Senior Management Team.