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Terms & conditions for course booking

Adult Social Care - Booking terms and conditions

Our courses

All our courses are advertised on the East Sussex website, Learning Portal and are aimed at the Adult Social Care workforce in East Sussex, including Independent and Voluntary Providers, Personal Assistants, Carers and East Sussex County Council staff. Some courses are multi-agency in nature, organised through the Safeguarding Adults Board, and we will endeavour to allocate places fairly across organisations. Other courses are also available more widely, although priority will be given to ESCC staff and those working in Health and Social Care provider services.

Attendance on most of our courses is free.

Note: All course correspondence is sent via email, so it is essential that your email address is recorded correctly on your booking form, and that you tell us if you change your email address or employer after a booking has been submitted. We cannot accept responsibility for information that is sent but fails to arrive.

Making a booking request

All bookings must be made through the ESCC website, Learning Portal pages. This is to ensure the delegate:

  • Is aware of the full course details and any course pre-requisites. Where a delegate arrives for training but has not completed any essential pre-requisite training /e-learning, they will be turned away from the course and the employing organisation will be charged for the wasted training place. Information about pre-course requisites is included in the details for each course.)
  • Understands and accepts the booking terms and conditions, including any cancellation/non-attendance policy
  • Completes the evaluation process
  • Can receive certificates, additional materials, and resources
  • Can notify the trainer of any accessibility requirements

Bookings will only be accepted on the online Booking Form. Complete one form for each attendee for each event. Bookings will not be taken by phone, email, or any other method.

Bookings can be made either by individual staff members or by the line manager/CPD Leader.

Please note: Separate copies of confirmation of place invitations will not be sent to line managers. For this reason, we advise the delegates own (work) email address is given on the booking form, and it is up to services to ensure that their delegates receive their confirmation invitation where a team email address is used for course correspondence.

We advise that when booking a course, you pencil the date in your diary, but please do not assume you have a place until you receive our confirmation. If you have not heard at least two weeks prior to the course commencing, contact us either by e-mail asct@eastsussex.gov.uk or 01273 481444.

Authorising and confirming bookings

We advise that you discuss and gain agreement from your CPD Leader/manager (where appropriate), before a making a booking.

Our courses can be over-subscribed, so places are not first come first served but are managed by the course administrator to ensure places are allocated equitably. We reserve the right to limit the number of people from the same external organisation to a maximum of three delegates for most events, except where the training is bespoke to a service or organisation. Some courses may specify other selection criteria.

Confirmation of enrolment emails are sent to successful applicants as a calendar invitation at least three weeks prior to the course start date. As this is a calendar invitation, line manager copies will not be sent.

Please accept the invitation so that it saves in your electronic calendar. Invitations will have a reminder set to prompt you either 15 minutes for a virtually delivered course, or one day before, for a face to face/classroom course.

Waiting list

Where the course is full, you will receive an email advising that your booking will be placed on a waiting list for that specific event. We will contact if a place subsequently becomes available. Waiting list bookings are not booked on to future courses. If you are unsuccessful in getting a place you will need to make a booking on a future course.

Cancelling your place

If you need to cancel your place, or tell us that a colleague will be coming instead, please use the Learning Portal cancellation form.

Please try to give us as much notice as possible before the course date so we can allocate your place to someone else.

Before attending

Please do not attend the course without a confirmation of place calendar invitation. Courses are often fully booked, and trainers are placed in a difficult position if there is insufficient space in the room, refreshments, and course materials. Similarly for our virtually delivered training, as this places pressure on the trainers and can impact the course delivery. Trainers have the authority to turn away those not on the attendance list.

A map of the venue or details of how to join our virtual training, is sent with the confirmation invitation.

Delegates are responsible for ensuring any attachments/course materials are downloaded if applicable and taking them to the course.

Intellectual Rights/Copyright

Any hand-outs or materials provided for the course may be subject to intellectual rights/copyright. As such, materials are provided for personal use only. Should you wish to reproduce or reuse, please contact us to seek the relevant permissions.

Attending courses, punctuality, and expectations

Delegates should arrive 15 minutes before the advertised start time to allow courses to start promptly.

Late arrivals will not be admitted to the course if they arrive later than 15 minutes after the course start time without prior arrangement.

It is the responsibility of each delegate to sign the attendance list, (or if the course is delivered virtually, ensure the trainer includes them on the register), on all dates, as evidence of their attendance.

Ground rules will be established for all delegates at the start of the day, including issues of confidentiality and whistle blowing.

Certificates of attendance will only be issued to delegates who have attended the whole course/programme.


For full day classroom events, tea and coffee are available on-arrival, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. At shorter courses, e.g. 1/2-day courses, tea and coffee will be provided at an appropriate time. Lunch is not provided.

Evaluations and certificates

Evaluation is an essential part of course attendance. At the point of booking, you are agreeing to complete:

  • Any course pre-requisites (e.g. associated e-learning), and pre-course evaluation,
  • Immediate response evaluation - immediately after the course,

You will receive an evaluation form by email or be given one by the Trainer on the day of the course. A certificate of attendance is provided to delegates who complete the whole course.

Accessibility requirements

When you make your booking, please advise us of any accessibility adjustments which will help delegates participate fully in the training, for example wheelchair access, training materials in alternate formats to assist with visual impairment or dyslexia or translating or interpreting services. Where language translation is required, please tell us which language. We will do our best to provide or signpost you to the appropriate materials/tools/resources to ensure delegates are able to gain full benefit from our training opportunities.

For short courses leading to an examination/assessment to gain a qualification, the ASC Training team will, where possible, provide a reader/writer for candidates with:

  • a permanent or long-term disability or specific learning need,
  • a temporary disability, medical condition, or specific learning need, or for candidates where English is a second or additional language.

Delegates for whom English is a second or additional language can use a non-electronic bi-lingual dictionary during the assessment, which they must bring for themselves.

Additional time is allowed for completion of the assessment.

We give a copy of the responsibilities of readers/writers to the delegate and their manager with their course confirmation, which sets out what the reader/writer can/cannot do during the assessment.

To enable us to make these arrangements we ask that you provide us with adequate notice and information about required accessibility adjustments.

Adverse weather

In the event of adverse weather, you need to contact the venue to check if they are open and if they have received notification of cancellation from the trainer. Venue telephone numbers are included on all course confirmation emails.

You then need to make a judgement about whether it is safe to travel. In the event you decide not to attend, you must contact the venue to let them know.

We do not charge if the delegate is unable to attend due to severe weather.

Contact details

For enquiries about Adult Social Care training please contact asct@eastsussex.gov.uk

Frequently asked questions

If I'm not offered a place on a course, why do I have to re-apply?

There are several reasons why we ask you to re-book the training. These include:

Venues - we use different venues across the county. Some may be more accessible than others for individual staff. We expect CPD Leaders/managers/staff to take venues into account when making bookings to keep travelling to a minimum wherever possible.

Staff Changes - as staff regularly move from one workplace to another, in so doing often changing their job role; a course that is appropriate for an individual one month may not be relevant, or a priority, months later.

Availability of individual staff - you may not be available to attend on the new date.

Learning styles - individuals may find ways to meet their learning needs other than attending a particular course. We cannot therefore assume that a training need will continue to be a training need until a member of staff attends a specific course.

What happens if the course I have applied for is over-subscribed?

If courses are over-subscribed, one of our Training & Development Consultants will work with the course administrator to short-list. Places will be allocated according to the relevance of the course to the worker's role, their work base and location of the course, and whether the course is repeated. Where resources permit, further dates may be organised to meet demand.

What travel allowances can I claim and how do I claim them? (ESCC staff only)

You can claim travel expenses from your work base to the training venue. If you travel to a training course from your home address, deduct your home to work mileage from the home to the training venue total.

All staff, whether contracted car users or optional car users, should submit travel claims for training mileage using the appropriate Training Travel claim form on the intranet.

Payment of these expenses will made in monthly pay. Staff who are not Contracted Car Users or Optional Car Users should also complete the Training Mileage and Expenses claim. See the intranet for details of reimbursement rates.

A reminder about car insurance - Contracted Car Users or Optional Car Users will know that their vehicle must be insured for official business use and that they sign to that effect when signing the 'Declaration by Claimant' section.