Careers in Public Health

What we do

In Public Health we work hard to improve population health and reduce inequalities focusing on a prevention-based approach. We work holistically across the whole Council, Boroughs and Districts, the NHS, VCSE and other key services.

We work across all ages, and everything related to health and wellbeing.  We currently have 5 consultant-led teams:

  • Threats to Health: includes sexual health, vaccination, communicable disease (including COVID-19) and substance misuse.
  • Best Start in Life and Mental Health: includes child and maternal health and emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Health Systems and Information and Intelligence: includes working with the ICS on population health and reducing inequalities; working with East Sussex Healthcare Trust, the Primary Care Networks and others.
  • Healthy Communities and Places: includes housing, homelessness the built and natural environment and community development.
  • Recovery and Renewal: Creative Health/Arts in Public Health, Academic Partnerships, and Research & Community Renewal (Living Well with Covid Programme).

The Public Health team has really invested in me. Over the next 16 months I am building up a portfolio of project work which will enable me to apply for the Public Health Speciality Scheme. The support I’m being given to develop this body of work is really important to me.

Thomas, Public Health Administrative Support Officer

Career opportunities in Public Health

We always welcome enquiries about career opportunities in Public Health. The types of roles that work within the Public Health team include:

  • Admin and business support
  • Degree-level Public Health Apprentices
  • Health Improvement Specialist (requires an MSc Public Health or equivalent and also includes Public Health Practitioners with UKPHR registration)
  • Health Improvement Principal (As for Specialist plus experience at Specialist level)
  • Public Health Information and Intelligence staff
  • Public Health Consultant (requires UKPHR registration as a consultant either via the 5-year training scheme or the retrospective portfolio)
  • Director of Public Health (requirements as per Public Health Consultant)

There are many career routes into Public Health and our commissioned services, including BSc and MSc Public Health degrees. Our team is made up of staff with a wide variety of backgrounds, from policy leads, medical and healthcare, data analysts, town planners, researchers, lecturers and teachers, and people who have worked in the voluntary and community sector.

For putting your skills to good use, choose East Sussex!