We choose to care

It’s much more than just a job when you work in care for adults – you can light up people’s lives.

A passion for helping others is more important than formal skills. We’ll train you. 

We have lots of jobs open now in friendly teams across East Sussex. Let’s find out which is right for you?

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Your career in care

Every day working in care is different, and every job in care is different.

Perhaps you’d like to travel to support people in their home?

You’ll be helping someone get their independence back

Watch Jake at work to see how a carer can help transform someone’s life.

- We choose to care: adult support work

Watch on YouTube: "We choose to care: adult support work"

Or perhaps, you’d prefer to work in a care centre, supporting older people – as Robia does.

Or you might find it more rewarding to work with adults (of all ages) with learning disability. That’s what Simon does.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a role in our lively office team where you’d help connect people to the care and support they need. You’d be working with Rossalind. 

Hear their stories.

“Even on the hardest day, I love this job”

That’s one of the things we hear from colleagues when they say what they love about their work.

It’s not just a job, it can also be the start of a career – in care, in nursing, occupational therapy or social work.

There are different hours to suit your life and we welcome people of all ages.

Whichever role sounds right for you, we’d love to get in touch for a chat. We can answer any questions and tell you about jobs near you.

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