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Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a broad range of experience, build confidence and kick- start a journey of professional learning and development. They also help gain valuable work-based skills.

There are apprenticeships available for people of all levels of skill and experience at East Sussex County Council. So, whether it's the first steps in your career, a change in direction or training to build on your existing skills there is an apprenticeship for you.

You can access training at no financial cost  - so that you can earn a competitive salary while working towards a professional qualification.

Help for East Sussex employers

Employers in East Sussex can also get funding to help them recruit apprentices via the apprenticeship levy funding transfer.

- For Apprenticeships Choose East Sussex

Watch on YouTube: "For Apprenticeships Choose East Sussex"

Apprenticeship benefits:

  • Gaining nationally recognised qualifications while earning a salary
  • Having your training fully funded with no financial cost to you
  • Taking the first step onto a career path or gaining a qualification that reflects your existing experience or helps you to progress
  • Enhanced possible future potential and career development
  • The opportunity to do more than one apprenticeship as your career progresses
  • Potential training up to masters degree level
  • Support at every stage of the journey

Types of apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of jobs.

16 to 19 year olds can also get free career advice, support and guidance from the East Sussex Youth Employability Service (YES) on 01323 410803 or 01424 722045, or facebook.com/yeseastsussex.

What support do you get as an apprentice?

Apprentices are supported by their line manager and training provider, with planned time away from daily work to concentrate on training. Some teams may have a mentor working alongside the apprentice. 

To complete an apprenticeship, you will need to have or gain qualifications in English and Maths. Free and paid courses are available to everyone from East Sussex Libraries - Learning Services.

To find out more about apprenticeships or sign up for our weekly job alerts, please email the Apprenticeship Team.

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