How we manage our waste

We must change how we manage our waste as there are UK and European laws that limit the amount of rubbish that can be put in landfill sites, and recycling targets we have to meet.

How we decide what to do with our waste

Find out how our Waste Local Plan, UK and European law and regulation by the Environment Agency affect the decisions we make about waste disposal.

What happens to our waste

Describes the waste facilities in East Sussex and the responsibilities of our contractor Veolia for managing waste and recovering energy from it.


What are landfill sites, why do we need them and how do they work? Find out what happens when they close and the locations of former landfill sites in East Sussex.

Joint waste management strategy

Our Joint Waste Management Strategy for 2014 to 2025, produced in partnership with the East Sussex district and borough councils.

Useful facts and figures

A third of food grown for human consumption and 8.5 million new toys are thrown away in the UK each year. Get the facts and figures about rubbish and recycling in East Sussex.